The restaurant

We are a French-Colombian couple, who met in Argentina, where we lived for 10 years. During the year 2016, we have decided to move to Colombia in order to accomplish our entrepreneur dream.

We picked The American Pearl, because the sea inspires us, you can see it in our proposal and spaces. That is why, we chose a restaurant focused in sea food since the Caribbean Sea offers us plenty of treasures.

June 2017 was the kick off of Marc de Sabores restaurant, a place with a purpose, provide the best experience to our customers.

We stand for using local products, taking advantage of the diversity that Colombia offers. Besides, thank to our cultural and experiences mix, our dishes has their own and unique tastes.

If you are in Santa Marta, you can not leave with tasting our delights.

About us

We are a restaurant specialized in Caribbean and international food. We stand out for the freshness of our products, the respect of the traditional recipes and our customized service.

Our complete menu offers: seafood, fishes, meats, pastas, cayeyes, salads and veggies options.

Our space features 2 lounges with A/C and a patio with a bar.

Our establishment can adjust to your needs

We count with 3 different spaces in order to please you since your casual meals, companies’ events, romantic diners, birthday, cocktails

  • - the main lounge with a capacity for 50 people (with A/C)
  • - a private lounge, with a capacity for 20 people (with A/C, sound system and TV)
  • - a patio with a bar, for diners or cocktails